Webinar: R with RStudio, Spark, sparklyr in the Cloud in Minutes

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Find out how to expand R capabilities with RStudio + sparklyr on Apache Spark on a fast cloud platform. Learn more about the performance benefits and operational efficiencies of running R on top of a distributed Spark environment. Then, see how simple it can be to get started in the cloud with Cazena's Data Science Sandbox as a Service, powered by Cloudera Spark. A few clicks in a web browser delivers a secure cloud environment with RStudioServer Pro, notebooks, data loaders and other tools built-in for easy access. Cazena gives teams a structured, maintenance-free environment for sharing data and ideas. Join live for the demo and expert Q&A.

Lovan Chetty
Lovan Chetty
Director Product Management, Cazena
Guest Speaker
Nathan Stephens
Director of Solutions Engineering, RStudio